what we do

Machine learning

We empower businesses of any size with fully customized and cutting-edge AI solutions. Let our AI engineers solve your supervised, unsupervised or reinforcement learning problems. We also do data processing such as sensor fusion, segmentation, data set expansion.

Platform solutions

Our full-stack engineers lets you bridge the gap and roll out truly next-gen web platforms solutions using the latest frameworks and tooling. Our expertise with API and service integration as well as reliable persistance will let you reach the next level of platform computing.

Computer vision

Through fast iterative robust heuristics or deep learning we give your application the first-class perception you need to succeed. Our skilled engineers are experienced across a wide range of sensors as well as libraries such as OpenCV and Tensorflow.

Cloud computing

We help you deploy your business application to the cloud, taking you one step closer to your customers while reducing your bills. Want to make your machine learning scale boundlessly or migrate to cloud inference? We can do that, too.

Computer graphics

Does your next desktop or embedded application need powerful real-time visualization? We both build custom solutions as well as utilize frameworks such as Unity or Unreal Engine to make your requirements in fields such as AI, mapping, simulations or gaming come to life.

Hardware R&D

We provide high-end consultation on a diverse range of emerging hardware such as GPU architectures, multi-rotor UAVs, camera stabilization as well as FDM, SLA and SLS 3D printing.

let's work together

There are several reasons why we are the right partner for you. Here are some reasons to consider:
Fully owned company - we control our company and have a strong incentive to achieve the best possible results for our clients.
Experienced team - all engineers of our team are highly experienced software engineers and architects who are up to date with the latest cutting edge tech trends.
Agility - our efficient organization let you cut the long traditional lead times associated with tech outsourcing and instead focus that time on problem solving.